PANTONE Color Calendar

Project: Calendar Re-envisioning
Class: Typography 3
Professor: David Flynn
Deliverables: Full-color, high quality constructed comprehensive showcasing 12 months.
Date: Fall Semester 2019

Objective: Develop a unique format for a 365-day year. Represented days, weeks and months (if at all) is up to the student. Design should reflect a challenge to the conventional physical format of a printed calendar.

Description: PANTONE Color Swatch Calendar for personal fashion choices. Customers can use this calendar in their closet or bedroom to help them make fashion choices and get ideas for color pairings. Each month features a PANTONE color scheme, which corresponds to the season and current trends. The front of the swatch shows 7 color chips. The back offers color pairing ideas, which colors to avoid, which materials and textures would work in combination with the color, and adjustments for various skin tones.