Café Bustelo – Ready to Drink Product Launch

Project: Café Bustelo National Campaign Field Applications
Client: Café Bustelo – The J.M. Smucker Company
Credits: Niko Elenchevski (Designer), Camille Sciria (Copy Writer), Carlee Duncan (Creative Content Manager), Nick Betro (Creative Director).
Deliverables: Outdoor Banner, Out-/Indoor Standee, Cooler Door Cling, Floor Decals, Face Mask.
Date: October 2020

Objective: Provide codified marketing assets that meet current brand standards while allowing flexibility for operators and distributors to customize for specific field applications for both our café business and ready to drink launch.

Description: The Café Bustelo brand recently relaunched three new Ready to Drink Coffee items at traditional grocery retailers like Kroger, Publix, and Walmart. The Brand is also gaining convenience store distribution utilizing a Direct Store Delivery (DSD) network through Anheuser Busch in Florida and Texas. Take our National Campaign, Brand Codes, and specific program design elements from our café program to build flexible assets our partners can utilize to market both our café business and our ready to drink products.

* 2021 Silver Addy Award Winner *

Outdoor Banner
Cooler Door Cling – Standee
Floor Decal Café Bustelo Was Here
Floor Decal Ready To Drink
Café Bustelo Face Mask
Cooler Door Graphic