Why Gestalt?
Gestalt theory is a way to perceive objects and scenes in their simplest form.
Gestalt represents the idea that the whole of an object is more important that its individual parts.
Gestalt Observations
Continuation composition of high contrast black and white inspired by various architectural features of Folk Hall and other buildings of the University. Piece emphasis on continuous lines and perspective. Movement is accomplished through diagonal lines extending the format. The proximity of certain elements and their parallel direction helps separating them into different groups and therefore achieving a sense of order.
Simultaneous Figure/Ground
Simultaneous Figure/Ground composition of high contrast black and white by creating a chess pattern and distorting the pattern so that horizontal lines become curves and vertical lines become diagonals. Fluctuation between positive and negative space is achieved only through distorted rectangles and both black and white figures  can have the same function or meaning.
Closure composition of high contrast black and white by creating black circles, lined up in the shape of the format (square) with missing quarters and in the case of the smaller circles, missing halves (Figure 1). Although the composition is comprised only of circles (except the format frame), because of the cutoff parts and the arrangement of objects in a certain way, there appears the illusion of a square, or dice in the center.
The Collider is composed of all compositions and their grey scale/texture counterparts. This piece is playing with the transition form light to dark values, and the transition from point, to line, and to plain elements. Sections are connected through various incarnations of line; straight line to curved line, zigzag line to wave line.
Final Composition
The final composition is a collage of all previous compositions, including photographs of the Collider, and measures 20” x 10”. Layers of elements and texture were added on top of collage to create a completely new composition and feeling. Focal point is the circular shape at the lower right side. Most other elements either moving towards or away from the focal point, creating movement and drama.
Work process of Final Composition
Final project - Work in progress - Created collage in Photoshop of previous Gestalt prjects
Step one: Created collage in Adobe Photoshop of previous Gestalt projects.
Step two: Planning process; Printed small version of collage and glued into sketchbook.
Step three: Printed out collage on 11"x17" card stock paper. Laying out various elements.
Step four: Glue elements on collage and cut to edge. Finalize composition and make minor edits.
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